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Serving women as they create their possibilities

Have you experienced a major life change?

Are you a woman who has experienced a major life change –?

Loss of a relationship
Change of job or career
Change in your role as a wife or mother
Personally traumatic event as a child or as an adult


Are you ready move on from that life change, but feeling stuck on which way to go?


I found the work we did prior to ceremony very valuable.  Thank you!

Karen, Reiki Shaman Healer

Dealing with Changes

Change whether wanted/chosen or not, can be tough but it is a part of all of our lives. Acknowledging and processing change and the emotions that come with it can be scary.


Sometimes, we are stuck in old thought patterns, emotions, or behaviours. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the opportunities hidden within change. Working together, we will explore what it is that has changed or is changing in your life. I will assist you in identifying thought patterns, emotions, or behaviours that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving on from that change.


You will be able to make clear, conscious choices and create your own possibilities after releasing those things that are keeping you stuck.